Případová studie Dronload

Dronload is one of the first photo/video banks focused entirely on shots taken by drones. The original idea was to create a place where designers, movie makers, and ad agencies could find high-quality shots taken from the sky as a cheaper alternative to paying for custom aviation work.


One of the key requirements for this project was an innovative user interface that would be intuitive to use for both buyers and sellers.

Besides the development of the application itself we got in charge of the marketing strategy and branding of the project as well. That allowed us to take the holistic approach and help Dronload to become what it is today.


What can we do better?

To design an innovative solution we needed to understand what makes a photo/video bank good or bad. We decided to do a simple qualitative research focused on the biggest and most visited photo/video portals to learn the ways users use these portals and how we can do it better.

We did several usability tests with a well chosen user sample. In every test we introduced user to few scenarios that he tried to follow on 5 different websites. For these websites we chose stock.adobe.com, pixabay.com, depositphotos.com, istockphoto.com, pexels.com.

The output of the research was a report describing our observations. This report was beneficial not just for our design team but also for the client who could better understand how people interact with sites like these.


Building Dronload from Scratch

Taking the knowledge from the research into the practice we started designing the overall structure of the application. We focused on how user interacts with the page and how he looks for desired photo/video.

User Interface

Not just good looking but also functional

A lot of work lies beneath the Dronload user interface. About 30 screens designed both for desktop and mobile and more than 60 hours of work. We did our best to create a clean and modern design that is not just for the eyes but it’s easy and effective to use.

Branding & Marketing

Innovation supported by strong brand

Innovative business project needs a solid brand and creative marketing that will support it on its hard road to success. For this purpose we created the Dronload logo, brand manual, and prepared marketing strategy with publication plan.

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